Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cornelius Vanderbilt

The Man standing on this pedestal, which can be seen at the entrance to the Grand Central Station was both philanthhropic and succesfully entrepreneurial. His name was Cornelius. There were several in the line of Cornelius's.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Stuck in the Mud

4 dollars worth of pebbles, but I think it was worth it. I used a Strap from a big rig and a Pathfinder SUV in 4 wheel Low. I put the car from Vietnam(Daewoo) in neutral and eased it on out. The dreary part was walking to the train station to get the SUV.

Rain Delay 17min

Because of high winds and a lot of rain. I'm stuck here in a place called Mineola. Where back in the year 1900, a bunch of great-minded people donated bunches of money to build the Winthrop Hospital. 

A Utility pole fell across the tracks in Jamaica delaying all trains in and out of New York. Except those of course that pass through Woodside. 

Why am I even here?, when I should have driven. My car sunk in the lawn, when the ground thawed while the temp changed from 39 to 50 and torrential rains followed. 

My next project will be to pull the car out using my wifes suv and some straps I bought way back when I needed them to brace a Cinderblock Support Beam to a realignment on the Garage.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pizza and the Jets

Trying the new Seasoning and $5.99 Medium with 2 toppings.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The begginning.

At the earliest I can remember, I was riding a train home from Manhattan on a Northerly Run of the New Haven, Harlem, Hudson Line into the general direction of New Canaan.  A couple of young girls were talking about a skeet shooting competition they were coming from.  They were carrying their rifles, broken down and concealed away in their rifle cases.  I didn't feel like I was eavesdropping, as we sat across from each and I found myself staring in their general direction admiringly of their charm and quite lovely casual attire.  I couldn't tell you with what they were attired at this time, and if I were I would totally be making it up.  It was many many years ago, at least 30, and I stated at the earliest I can remember. 

Damn, I've got to get the laundry.

The point I was getting to was a remark they made to the effect, they couldn't believe some boys they had known from school, couldn't intelligently compose a letter, and thus they feel inevitably they would lose touch with many friends they would rather not. 

And so, this the reason for my Blog, I call this the beginning, this is Blog One.