Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The begginning.

At the earliest I can remember, I was riding a train home from Manhattan on a Northerly Run of the New Haven, Harlem, Hudson Line into the general direction of New Canaan.  A couple of young girls were talking about a skeet shooting competition they were coming from.  They were carrying their rifles, broken down and concealed away in their rifle cases.  I didn't feel like I was eavesdropping, as we sat across from each and I found myself staring in their general direction admiringly of their charm and quite lovely casual attire.  I couldn't tell you with what they were attired at this time, and if I were I would totally be making it up.  It was many many years ago, at least 30, and I stated at the earliest I can remember. 

Damn, I've got to get the laundry.

The point I was getting to was a remark they made to the effect, they couldn't believe some boys they had known from school, couldn't intelligently compose a letter, and thus they feel inevitably they would lose touch with many friends they would rather not. 

And so, this the reason for my Blog, I call this the beginning, this is Blog One.

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