Monday, January 25, 2010

Rain Delay 17min

Because of high winds and a lot of rain. I'm stuck here in a place called Mineola. Where back in the year 1900, a bunch of great-minded people donated bunches of money to build the Winthrop Hospital. 

A Utility pole fell across the tracks in Jamaica delaying all trains in and out of New York. Except those of course that pass through Woodside. 

Why am I even here?, when I should have driven. My car sunk in the lawn, when the ground thawed while the temp changed from 39 to 50 and torrential rains followed. 

My next project will be to pull the car out using my wifes suv and some straps I bought way back when I needed them to brace a Cinderblock Support Beam to a realignment on the Garage.

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