Friday, May 21, 2010

rob toscano


  1. Oh my Gawd! Now i sEE tha ssssnake!

  2. Her curled up next to me and we were napping together, when I awake and he was resting his tiny head on my arm. He didn't understand why I had to move, we were both quite comfortable under that tree. He meant me no harm he said. I was quite humored by his repartee, when I remembered my new phone took great pictures, so I snapped a couple. He even let me shoot a short video clip of him before he had remembered a pressing engagement he had in the leaves and bramble near by.

    When I figure out how to post a very short video. I can show you he talked with quite a lisp. Til then nolly posh look at my video post from July of last year, to see a video I cut with much footage from Australia, the water scenes the race sequence and the horse, I believe were all from Australia.

  3. Poor little guy sure is living dangerously. Many people will kill him on sight, and many others will kill him by accident because he's not in sight. I personally like snakes--as I'm sure you do.