Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Frog, prejump mode

Well There she is the Frog in the pond.  I don't know why she was so peaceful this morning, maybe she has gotten tired of hiding from me.  She seems to be having so much fun in the pond all by her lonesome.  What am I saying there is at least 100 fish to chase around.  Last years Frog seemed to be biting the babies in half.  So far this year I haven't seen any collateral damage.  I'm thinking this is last years frog all grown up.  If not at least this years frog is more gentle with it's companions.  My daughter has asked where does it go in the winter.  I've read they bury themselves in Mud and wait out the season.  We had such a cold winter and the snow was so deep, you would think, the frog would have to burrow fairly deep to stay safe.  The frost line I'm told is at least 2 and a half feet down.  Does a frog burrow that deep?  I haven't seen the Heron this year whom usually eats his share of the larger fish.  All in all its been a fairly prosperous year for the fish.  I've half drained the pond once already, and must do it again very soon for clearer water, but I'm afraid when I do that the frog will run away, she so loves the murky green of the water.


  1. Hi Tusk, i have a deal with my teenage son to help me build a frog pond (ie)Dig a big hole in the ground!...with our old bath... i listen at night (in summer) to my neighbors frogs ricketing away and it is like music to my ears and i just gotta have me some of that ~magic~ too! X;-)

  2. The reward for me is every few years the fish have babies. They are called frye fish like the boots. They are so small when they are born they look like water bugs. Then within weeks a few of them turn Gold, then some white and Gold, some still stay black for years before they will break into their color. I could tell you so many stories about them, All the fish I have now were born to me by my own breeding, the first two that started it have passed. I even have offspring know as cherbunkin from the same lineage. I think I've spawned every variation from one set of Yellow Goldfish parents. The parents Identical in color and age and yet the male a broader head then the female, same length, very distinguishable. I'm guessing on the genders, but I have a 50 per cent chance of being right or wrong.