Monday, May 17, 2010

where is my kayak

Completely re-sanded

rob toscano


  1. i learn't kayak~ing in high school... For safety reasons we had to cross our arms over our chests (one at a time) while the kayak was turned over... We had to do this, so as to learn how NOT to drown while kayak~ing... Needless to say i'm not much of a kayak~er to this day!

  2. I've never been. I bought this Kayak for a Birthday Present for My daughters 18th. Its never been in the water and she is 23 now. I swear I'll finish it some day soon, maybe before her 24th, thats coming up quickly. I'll let you know how close I get. It's a running joke around here if I will ever get it in the water. We only live a half mile to the water, the beautiful Long Island Sound.