Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where I have worked as of Late.

Earlier in the Month I worked a Science fair where I rolled diary videos of two Astronauts made by them from aloft the space station in Zero Gravity.In addition to several Days of Science Fair Workshops, I worked Good Morning America morning News with Hosts Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos at ABC channel 7 here in New York. Then I was a Projectionist for A Film Festival where I rolled out a World Premier Movie called The Bear, it was a big hit in the LGBT Community. From Film Festival to a two day Parade from where I rolled out Billboards and played back a wonderfully created highlight package, which I built on a truck EVS for the Puerto Rican Day Parade, this all for Channel 5 Fox and My 9 WPIX for hosts Ernie Anastos and Brenda Blackmon. Immediately following this two day event, was the Webby Awards where I learned who Vint Cerf is, also known as the father of the Internet. He was awarded a Webby as well as Roger Ebert famed Film Critic. Following the Webby's was an Introduction of the new Gillette Fusion Razor Summer Job Contest with Tony Parker (BBall Player) John Cena (WWE Wrestler) and Erin Andrews (ESPN Commentator). This is where from just deck to deck I create an EPK, (Electronic Press Kit). A Few More ABC Morning News Shows, presently one with Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise promoting their new Movie "Knight and Day". On Friday's we had concerts from Alecia Keyes, and Sarah McLachlan, to name two.

What no Sports you say, I prepared on the next three days for two rounds of the NBA Draft. 60 picks at least, go Kentucky, all five starters chosen. To cap the Month POLO with Prince Harry at Governors Island. I slowed that footage down. Full Recap: 1 Awards show(Webby's), 1 Parade(PR Day), 1 Film Fest(NEWFEST), 1 Gospel Fest(Aretha Franklin, Deonne Warwick, Vicki Winan's - Headliners) forgot to mention that one hosted by Brenda Blackmon and visited by Ronald, you know him Yellow suit Red hair, Mcdonald., 1 News show(ABC GMA TSS in Times Square Studios and ABC GMA DMC Digital Media Center(known as the slant uptown on 67th Street), 1 Product announcement(Gillette Fusion), 1 Professional League Draft(NBA), 1 Exhibition Fundraising Sports Match sponsored by Veuve-Clicquot, Ferrari, and Piaget, just to name a few for Santebel(Princess DI charity), that was my slo-motion you saw. What haven't I done this Month, ahh yes; I even covered the dreaded College Graduations-technical design and medical, as well as veterinary school.(Pratt Stephens, Ross).


  1. The Prince fell off his horse. but he's Okay.

  2. Wow! says your old stay-at-home buddy who notes that you have doubled your following recently. It's hard to keep great things hidden, as they say.

  3. Dear Snow,
    I could'nt have asked for a better reception, than the one you've given. Who nicer than to have in my company, than one who makes Nolly Posh smile so much. Which means when she reads me and she is so gracious to me always, she'll sometimes find you around with that rare wit she loves to read.

    I've recently invited my two best friends from high school to read my blog, whom I haven't spoken to in 35 years, and to have you at my back... well lets just say I recognize you as a formidable force in the written word. So no slip ups, were being watched.

  4. Hey, dude, I was going to be the very first comment on your new post, and you PULLED IT! Bummer.