Saturday, July 24, 2010

"at all events, I am willing to taste any drink once"

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" You will be chilled, through, traveling as you are. For you and I are going a queer way, in search of justice, over the grave of a dream and through the malice of time.  So you had best put on this shirt above your other clothing."

"Indeed it is a fine snug shining garment, with curious figures on it.  I accept such raiment gladly.  And whom shall I be thanking for his kindness, now?"

"My name," said the Centaur,  "is Nessus."


He wondered that there seemed to be so many young women along the road to the garden.  Here was a slim girl in white teasing a great brown and yellow dog that leaped about her clumsily; here a girl sat in the branches of a twisted and gnarled tree, and back of her was a broad muddled river, copper-colored in the sun; and here shone on the fair head of a tall girl on horseback, who seemed to wait for someone: in fine the girls along the way were numberless, and Jurgen thought he recollected one or two of them.

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But the Centaur went so swiftly that Jurgen could not be sure.

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Thus it was that Jurgen came to the Garden between Dawn and Sunrise.

"Why. but it is Count Emmerick's Garden at Storisende," says Jurgen, "where I used to be having such fine times when I was a lad."

"I will wager," says Nessus. "That you did not used to walk alone in the garden."

"Well, no; there was a girl,"

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  1. Enchanting.

    "Well, no; there was a girl,"

    Ain't it always the case!

  2. intriguing journey! I enjoyed this path of words very much.

  3. pretty damn good, mr.turk. you make these characters come alive. thanks for stopping by my blog. i'm glad to be here in return. and you are a writer....

  4. ah. it's mr. tusk. see, first of all, we are new to one another. and second, you created this foreign country image that must have struck me as more turk than tusk. i have it straight now...