Sunday, July 11, 2010

For my Brush with Apnea

The dark place between here and sleep
Natural Spring off-limits in Connecticut
Concerning Sleep Apnea

"Well, friend and whither are you going?"

"To the Garden between dawn and sunrise, Jurgen."

"Surely, now, but that is a fine name for a Garden! and it is a place I would take joy to be seeing."

"Up upon my back, Jurgen, and I will take you thither," says the Centaur, and heaved to his feet.  Then said the Centaur, when the pawnbroker hesitated:

"Because as you must understand, there is no other way.  For this garden does not exist, and never did exist, in what men humorously called real life; so that of course only imaginary creatures such as I can enter it."

"That sounds very reasonable," Jurgen estimated: "but as it happens, I am looking for my wife, whom I suspect to have been carried off by a devil, poor fellow!"
And Jurgen began to explain to the Centaur what had befallen.

Natural Cross in nature

The Centaur laughed. "It may be for that reason I am here. There is, in any event, only one remedy in this matter. Above all devils--and above all gods, they tell me, but certainly above all centaurs-- is the power of Koshchei the Deathless, who made things as they are."

"It is not always wholesome ," Jurgen submitted, "to speak of Koschei. It seems especially undesirable in a dark place like this."

"None the less, I suspect it is to him you must go for justice."

"I would prefer not doing that, " said Jurgen, with unaffected candor.

"You have my sympathy : but there is no question of preference where Koshchei is concerned.  Do you think, for example , that I am frowzing in this underground place by my own choice? and knew your name by accident?"

abandoned  foreclosure
Jurgen was frightened , a little. "Well, well! but it is usually the deuce and all, this doing of the manly thing.  How then, can I come to Koschei?"

"Roundabout," says the Centaur. "There is never any other way."

"And is the road to this garden Roundabout?"

"Oh, very much so, inasmuch as it circumvents both destiny and common-sense."

and so I end my story here for Mr. S Brush.  and ask would you like to... have a drink more of this?
above storyline by James Branch Cabel circa 1920's


  1. Sounds interesting to me! X:-)

  2. Well, if the road is round-about and then circumvents both common-sense and destiny, how will you know when you have finally left the garden? Or is that just a silly question . . .

  3. Spring off limits? Posted, I guess.

    I'm not sure of the connection between your photos and the story and sleep apnea.

  4. NollyPoshm,
    Thanks for the interest.
    Thanks for the comment, both here and at your blog. I think you would enjoy the period pieces of the 20's like a Jerome Kaplan or a Hergesheimer, no symbolism just good story telling. Short stories as well. plus on the kindle your initial expense is the machine itself, after that you could find so much old lit, for pennies, it makes up for it. Mine came with the New York Times for free for a year. Maybe thats how I justified it. With bookmarks the whole family could read different books off the same kindle. I'm not trying to sell you, I realize the cost is prohibitive.

    Yes Posted is what the sign on the tree said and in smaller print, no trespassing. It was a reserve resevoir, as children we played there anyway to go for a swim. It was a valley flooded covering over several foundations of houses and this little spring is now hidden from view by the POSTED signs. The pics were my attempt at establishing a dark wooded area. I guess I failed. Stay tuned for part two its a story about a man who attempts to rescue his wife from the devil, whom may have taken her out of what the devil may have thought it was doing a favor for the man(the pawnbroker).

    Please stay tuned for my next post, for a continuation of the story, by James Branch Cabell.

  5. Tusky, my friend. I rather thought the photos were symbolic, and that the forbidden spring represented healthful sleep. Yet, I responded literally. It's just how I am sometimes, especially in relation to photos. Whereas my response made you feel that your photo failed to convey what you wanted it to, I worried that my response to your photo might have made me look like a bit of dope for completely missing that which you were trying to convey.