Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Cake and eat it too.


  1. Dude, you're posting like a maniac. I mean two posts in less than two weeks after three months of silence. I don't think I can take it all in. Please, cut back, slow down. I've overwhelmed. I drowning in the beauty of my friend, The Tusk.

  2. Thanks Snow,
    I even have a Twitter follow from an Actress in Paris whose partners in a restaurant. I think she is following me cause I twitted my Chicken Scarlatti Recipe.

    I don't get it. Anyhew Here is the list of Birthdays I attended this year. First before I give you the list, y ou have to realize I thought I had reached my Zenith when I attended Anne Franks 75th a few years back. She wasn't there, she really hasn't been seen since her own depression when she was in her teens, but they are still throwin her parties.

    So this year John Lennon 75, Mont Blanc Pen same age same party, who woulda thunk.

    The Pill turns 50, thus the cake. and eat it too.
    Isn't that what I was taught about the Pill?

    UNICEF turns 60 this year, big party for them today, celebrating the raising of over 160 Million dollars in those 60 years. 22,000 children under the age of 5 die from disease that we know how to stop we just can not get to them. This number is down from 35,000 in the last decade, because UNICEF has made a difference. Just 7 Cents can get clean water to 50 Kids a day, saving there lives.

    Tommorrow party at the Guggenheim, I don't know who it is, I generally never know. Friday the Baron Mutual Find Analyst meeting at the Lincoln Center. Big Entertainment is in attendence. Saturday Football in the Bronx. I worked the Rutgers game where the young 20 year old was paralyzed, it makes you not want to continue working or go back.

    Sorry to bring down the party, I read you attended a funeral, sorrow for a friend as well from me to you on period of greif. I'm happy to see you made a visit.

    I did note in your blog you mentioned God was about Love, why give the answers away like that?

    I cut 150 foot of hedges, I'll post that of my topiary when the lighting is right, I stupidly cut my finger July First, my wife and I anniversary and got nine stitches. It took a month to heal, then a month of numbness, and fear to go back out and hedge clip. Four Days off this past week and a brand new landscaping ladder. Expensive. I was back at my topiary.

    I have a wooden ladder already, came with the house, in case you were wondering.

    Oyster fest and Mini Mart 6 days of Work this week One day off then Two days at Barnes and Noble for work, then one day off, so when do I get to Blog. I Twitter. At the end of the Month I work some Islanders Hockey and some Rangers Hockey. In the past I have only gotten New Jersey Devils Hockey, so they say I'm steppin up to the big leagues by covering my two Hometown Teams. I live only 9 miles from where the Islanders play. These are games and work I like to attend, because of course I'm home so quickly.

    Not a bad inner Blog, I really want to chase down a recipe or two and post them on my outer blog. Talk to you soon, I think I noticed you have a new post. I'll be jumping over to visit right off.

  3. " It took a month to heal, then a month of numbness, and fear to go back out and hedge clip."

    Just think what you could have done with a chain saw! I've been lucky with hedge clippers, only have cut a couple of extension cords, a feat I've never accomplished with any other power tool.

    I somehow didn't realize that you were married.

  4. Did you think I was young and married to Religion, or chasing after all the other single bloggers?

  5. I thought you were a gentle gay man who loves cooking healthy meals and reading poetry by the fireside.

  6. I find humor in your response. For this I am grateful.