Monday, January 17, 2011

Dear Snow, I went to Heaven Yesterday, thought you should know.

In Heaven there is an Airplane suspended motionless in space over your head, where else but in Heaven can a huge single prop plane defy gravity. One unique part about this was the prop was actually turning, but in heaven  normal physics don't apply.  Its all metaphysical and supernatural. 

They have a great diplay of every kind of animal in heaven, most I didn't know the name of,  I was sort of looking for that Blue Heron you mentioned might be looking for my fishin my frozen pond.  They did have an Ice Auger for sale in Heaven, it was motorized for about 500 dollars, and yes Even the Overseer of heaven had a discount section, the same Ice Auger for $350, Box previously opened.  I'm not sure what the overseer of Heaven uses with the money, but I'm guessing gives it to a charitable cause.  (oh by the way, they Discover Card in heaven), I bought new Under Armour Underwear with my Discover card. 

This Polar Bear stood Guard over the Aquarium, where I heard a Father asked by his son, whats that daddy, where the Father replied, "That's a Wide Mouth Bass"  Whats that Daddy the boy asked again, where the Father replied"That's a Wide Mouth Bass",  and "how about that one comin around that rock"' asked the boy a third time.  The Father replied again, "That's a Wide Mouth Bass, Son."  "How about that one daddy?", "I just told you son, that's a Wide Mouth Bass". 
In case you were wondering, I'm guessing the fish of choice in heaven is this little critter, you guessed it, WMB.

My favourite creature, whom is taking a lead role in the Fairy tale I'm writing is this guy, so you can imagine I was overjoyed to meet him in Heaven. It is of course the great and  mighty Bear.  In my story he's generally looking for Honey, (I put that word in there for you DK.)

I'll finish my picture montage with yes, they even had my moniker in Full Size, there she is the mover of obstacles, the Tusk. (elephant).

Now mind you, on the way into Heaven I was offered Hot Coffee and Apple Cider Donuts with Cinnamon and Sugar baked Hot and Fresh while you stare at them rolling off the conveyor.  I paid the man, 4 dollars for 6, I didn't think I was entering Heaven until I went inside, otherwise of course I would have asked the donut man if he was Peter.  Whereas Time stops immemoriable while inside, it does get later on the outside.  I was able to catch this dramatic departng shot of Heaven as I left to get back to the Jet Game. You all heard they won. 

Heaven wasn't to bad either.  Funniest thing beside the underwear I bought, I bought some marked down Gouda cheese.  Snow, thats the closest I'm going to come to sayin his or her name, while on this topic of heaven. 

Signing off for now, I really wish I could go to Quartzsite, AZ to visit with the rest of the Gypsies at Rubbertramp.


  1. Hi Rob, it's Kyle from SONY. Drop me a line when you get a chance, wanna know if I should make the investment in EVS training. 914 224 3815 or

    Hope all is well with you in "Heaven." :-)

  2. 'They Discover Card in heaven...' Good to know. Wonder if I'm pre-approved.....

  3. My but there are a lot of stuffed animals in heaven. I didn't see any dogs though--stuffed or otherwise.

    Tusk, you're taking too many hallucinogens. You really need to back off to LSD every Thursday, mescaline every other Wednesday, and psilocybin on alternate Tuesdays. Then on the weekends, you can just get drunk. It's worked wonders for me. I'm nowhere near as weird as I used to be. In fact, I have occasional glimpses of reality. Of course, I take Demerol for them.

  4. TaosMax,
    Thank you for the cleansing info from your site. I weighed 185 on Monday, I was 174 before lunch today(Thursday). If I play racquetball tonigh, I could be well on my weigh to keeping it off. It is supposed to snow tonight at Midnight, so I probably will be shoveling around 7AM.

    Thank you so much for all the great reads from your site. I did have my eye out for a Black German Schnauzer, did'nt see one. Doesn't mean there is not one there, I think i was in the wrong section. I did'nt see that rainbow bridge I heard so much about. Thank you for the outline of when to take my meds. Thank (you know who) that they are all prescription.

    See you back at your site real soon.

  5. Just scroll down, and you'll come to some photos of Baxter from early December and maybe November.

  6. Hi Tusk. I finally made it, glad to see I came on a day when Heaven was featured :-). xoxo

  7. My friend, I is here again, but where is you, and most of all, where is the liquor cabinet and the marijuana stash? I haven't had pot in two decades, but I sure would like some, so I hope you're well supplied.

    I read somewhere that you weigh 185 pounds. How tall is you, my friend? I love my old Tusky, and you're one of my few blog buddies who I've said to. You're ever a delight. I can hardly wait between visits from you for you to come round again.

  8. I bounced back down to 178, trying to get to 158. Just for your information, on the east coast here, we are very boring. We don't partake in the Marijuana partying. An occassional Appletini. That would be a martini with some kind of Apple flavoring. For those of us over 5foot 5 but under 5foot 7 we tend to go to Red Mango a yogurt joint for our kicks. Do you like the way I worked the word joint in there.

  9. You're Teddy Bear size, weight-wise, eh? I am 5'10" and 161, and would very much like to stay at 155, but one of the drugs I take--Neurontin--makes me so hungry that I want to eat the dog and the cat, so I've been bouncing from 156 to 165 for months now. is that I can go up or down as much as three pounds in a day.

    Things are pretty boring on the West Coast too, for me, at least. All I have to get high on are narcotics and vodka, but then either one will most definitely kick my butt and the narcotics do so everyday.

    Why don't you post a photo of yourself. Or are you really a horse? Do you remember Mr. Ed?

  10. Brilliant!! LOl can't believe theres a place called heaven XD

  11. I really really really like the way you merged picture, prose and fiction. Seriously, I've never read anything like it (Or it's possible that I'm what they say in chinese "少见多怪" which generally means having seen a little and getting over excited over nothing" Either way, kudos man.