Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Predator Tracks(a large winged bird)

There is a predator at my pond.  This predator which is huge, has already taken casualties. I wont know exactly how much damage it has done until spring. The water will be green, perfect for frogs to lay eggs and for the eggs to turn into tadpoles. Then I will have just one day to bucket them, or the remaining fish will eat the baby frog eggs before they even turn into tadpoles. Last count before the prefator hit, I had 150 fish at the start of winter.  It was easy to count them as they were quite stationary when the water dipped below 50 degrees.  I have found remnants of the unfortunate ones.
During the inauguration when I lost four fish to a deep freeze, they were valued at 3000 per koi. I have four more years to regain the existing fish to the same value, for at least 8 of them. I fear I may already have lost my shamu pattern koi. Leaving 7 to be valued at 3000 per at the end of the next four years.  The shamu Koi Orange and white with the markings of a Shamu Whale may just be lying low and hiding under a rock. 

That's the math of it. The rest is all sport.

The Predator is too elusive to be caught on camera.  I have an older picture of him from a different camera phone on an earlier past spring day.  Its blurry to the point he moves so quickly.  My new phone camera has an AS 400 rated setting which I should be able to capture the beast on.

I should give this elusive predator a name, any ideas anyone.?

Does anyone know by the footprints what type of Bird Beast this is?


  1. Oh wow...I am honestly stumped as to what animal that could be

    But I gotta say, using the word predator in it's place is pure genius. It adds an element of enigma. *CLAPS LIKE I'M AT A GUNS AND ROSES CONCERT*

  2. dear snow, I knew you would be the first to comment. It is greatly appreciated.

    punk chopsticks, cool moniker you have chosen for yourself. I KNOW I'm going to learn a lot from you.