Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Parks In Florida

Its really noisy here, how anyone can concentrate I haven't figured out yet.  Of Course, I'm being sarcastic, this is the Gulf of Mexico, no tragedies in sight from where I stand.
My trip from Tampa to Naples by Greyhound was economical and productive. What creepy is as I write Zemanta assistant is following along and offering both pictures that match mine and calling up text links to add.

For instance I added a comment about discovering a new website I had not been to prior to my trip, called LibraryThing. I've since withdrew it, but sure enough its right there to my right on the screen, along with Gulf of Mexico and Tampa, and Naples and Greyhound. AND WOW !!!, hitting apply all adds all that Blue underline stuff.

So here is a picture of me, because Snow asked for it.
Not actually, That's Sydney, sitting up like a human, her front paws are actually relaxed not in that begging position so common, you've seen and she is resting with her back against the sofa. That's an unfinished Teresa Russell Painting in the background. Oil on Canvas.
Here is Me, taken with my HTC-HD2 Camera phone. I have written 9 pages of my Fairy Tale, converted the first two into an additional 5, had a reading for my wife and kids, then a second reading for my sister-in-law, and trashed a concept I had introduced, I have now just rewritten the first 6 pages, and have not added the back 4 from the original 9.  Characters now have names, maybe too many, I have not added a little girl yet to the story, as my daughter has asked and some how Greek Mythology has entered into this fairy tale.

I am about to introduce a Schnauzer into the story. WOW does Zemanta keep up, it has just listed 10 articles on Fairy Tales, how does it do it, creepy.  I could read Dream of a Fairy tale from, or Fairy Tale Fortnight from csilibrarian.wordpress.  Yes even though this is blogger  run by google Zemanta embeds Wordpress blogs as well.  I truly am mystified by today's technology.  I just wish I had the vocabulary of some of those of the thirties that I read.

I was hoping a picture of a schnauzer would pop up, but alas not yet.

So in my blog today, I would like to mention how I began blogging.  I followed Stefanie Lipsey where I found Deonne, where I believe I found Nolly Posh, How I found Nolly Posh I rightly don't know. From her I find myself amused with Snowbrush, who really does put up a good fight.  Somehow reward from all this blogging was secretly following SweetM designs, for her tweets from deepak and the other great minds that to me is a continuation of the new thought age, is priceless and well worth the cost of the Internet alone. Alas, she has found herself consumed with her lifeforce and friend Stefan.  I enjoy following Stefan as well as an athlete and writer of Poetry, he is recovering from a bycycle accident.  I am hoping Sweet M returns to a more public blog.  I mention these people because my Fairy Tale is based on their characters in the circle of my very remote friends.  I think the Mango Tree being at the center of my story and yet because its a tree has no spoken lines, maybe I can give it some.  The main character is the Bee.  That would be Melissa in Greek Mythology.

One of the other main characters is a Bear, and now popping up on Deonne's blog is Violet the Bearess.
I have pointed her to Chris Bundy and MartineAlison whom are painters, like me, only they are active, I'm currently sporting writing only at this time as my diversion.  I must also mention the Blissful Bohemian Blog, who is a Clay is the Way sort of person.

A puzzled schnauzerImage by bhsher via Flickr

Does this thing look like it could take on a bear.  Well legend has it that ....
So in closing I must mention those tweets which I follow, an author whom I've seen develop with the new technologies over the past year  from simple web page and blog to full on twitter with all the bells and whistles.  Karen Essex, and I would like to mention, Reading the Past tweeter which is both fascinating on her reads and posts as well as personal commentary on her life very similar to Karen's Posts.  Antiquatweet (look for the little Owl) which posts relevant day to day tweets from 1000BC and older if you can imagine that to posting on the present day thefts of Egyptian Museums because of the upheavals that our middle east is trying to overcome.

That's me in a blog, not quite a nutshell.  Unless you look at it that way.

The Tusk

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  1. I've had two miniature schnauzers--black ones, like in the photo--and they could have easily taken on a a bear. Think about it, of the various dogs (miniature schnauzers, Rottweillers, and German Shepherds) that the Nazies used to guard their infamous camps, which ones were the most feared, and which are today known as Killers of Pit Bulls?

  2. Oops, misspelled Nazis, did I?

    Okay, so it was all total B.S. Schnauzers are known for their big mouths, not their big teeth, but I would get a third one in a heartbeat.

  3. ...And ~funny~ that i should stray over ~here~ today when you mention my name Lol! Although this post was some time ago it seems? (Hope you haven't accidentally fallen into your book by mistake!) X;-)