Saturday, July 16, 2011

Anger Management 101 for Polly Nosh

I recently wrote over 4096 characters, not words, characters as a blog comment.  This is not allowed. As writing over 140 characters on a twitter, not allowed.

Writing over 160 characters in an SMS, not allowed. Twitter truncates randomly, SMS's part two seemingly publishing the last part first and the first part last, at least it seams, it does this bit of confusion seamlessly.

Facebook takes a post and after so many characters will characterize your comment as a note and you get a neat little dot dot dot with no 'More' indicator. If you tap the header you can read the rest of the comment.  I have been told some don't know to read on from the header to fully appreciate the rest of the comment.

Paul Harvey as we know, knew to keep a participant intrigued would bait the listener and then continue with his diatribe after the commercial break. A comment after a Comment.

If one hears voices in ones head are we broken.  This on many levels is more serious than it can be said to be easily apparent. I recently discussed having voices in ones head with an Author friend and we came to the conclusion this was at times very beneficial to the writing process.  If one hears voices from appliances this of course is a more serious problem.

A friend I know has seen an  Emotional Manager Therapist, an (EMT)?, out here they are Emergency Medical Technicians, two completely different species,  I say out here because my friend is from Australia.  Here it is scorchingly Hot, out there she rakes the fall leaves from the patio and is concerned for Firewood for the fireplace.

Last night, when I wrote a comment on her blog it amounted to well over 4096 characters and I wasn't able to post the comment.  In my frustration I went to cut and paste the comment and edit it in Word, unknowingly Word was no longer working because I rebuilt the computer twice from two separate vendors to save my Invoicing system and Word recognizing the rebuild was not fully functional, it is merely a reader at this point. Thus, I lost my comment.  So here in summary it is rephrased, reworked. Comment upon Comment.

To write down your emotions at the end of the day instead of the days occurrences, HMMMPh I began.

You mull over in your head the days occurrences anyway sometimes beleaguering yourself with a migraine from the profusion of confusion, or anger.  But to deal with, in a journal just the emotions you had with the day and not the daily occurrences is monumental.  How do you feel when a spider drops down from a hot water pipe and you swoosh it away, praying it doesn't come right back. Your heart beats a little faster and then you calm down when its gone.  In the back of your mind you know its right above your back on that pipe but you are able to put it out of your mind because its a big basement and... and you have a very big mind capable of keeping clear and clean of  distractive thoughts, like distractive emotions.  We are all capable of dealing with anger and fear these are emotions that have been with us for a very long time.  Why am I writing in the basement, because its cooler down here, remember its hot here in New England.

Many times my children, (and I have two), have caught me while driving my arm twitching or my lips will be moving, and they will ask me, what I am doing?  I answer them honestly and say I am having a conversation with myself.

Yep that's right I'm talking to myself, but there is a lot of people up there talking and I am all of them.
   They are not all me, I am just speaking for all of them with the myriad of emotions that they are having in conversation. I am at times reliving a conversation I may have had with someone ten years ago or greater.  If in fact I was to believe this was a photographic memory and I was reliving these moments, I might be proclaimed Delusional, so I won't make that statement.  The point here is, you can make conversation on a purely emotional level with several participants in your head and never mull over the occurrence aspect of what took place and deal with the emotional persona of each individual.  The emotional growth and maturity from this reworking a situation doesn't come with migraines, it comes with a relief and release of a better understanding of emotions and why they played the way they did.  We many times will realize our parents emotions and wisdom from feeling the way they felt and taking on their persona's.  You suddenly acted they way your mother or father acted in a certain situation, this is shared wisdom and emotional growth combined.  When we exceed our parents emotions with an understanding of them, we grow and we grow stronger and smarter than they were. They wished this wisdom on us.

A good writer battles with persona's in his head making his job easier in writing diatribe, dialogue, and character development.  Developing your own character and dealing with a greater control of emotion, by letting things slide off your back when the great big spider crawls back up to the basement hot water pipes, is emotional growth.

Writing in a journal, has always been to reflect back on your emotional development.  Writing your emotions in your journal to release them from what you dealt with on that day is not what the reflection was meant to be about. The reflection of those moments which are raw emotion doesn't necessarily have to be a reliving of the incident, but the incident should be played out with a better understanding of the emotional growth that is connected with why the emotion was, what it was that we had at that time.  Seeing the emotion in the other persons, their persona's give you character development.  Understanding your emotions may take reliving the story over and over again, until you have matured past the point of full understanding of the situation that played itself out.  This is a NO REGRETS journal, it is meant to be, I am more mature now, I can do it differently now. and of course I will do it differently, because I am more mature.  The advantage of not putting it in a journal is no one will learn from your emotions other than you.  Nolly, you write beautifully and we learn from you.  You also have a wonderful delicious voice which I have heard on Voki. I work with Magnus McAllen from Australia and his is a gritty Australian voice, I marvel at it. This is one voice I have not yet proclaimed in my head as a character persona, if I were ever to do character voices for a living, I would certainly need a Welsh or Australian lilt.

Step outside yourself, could be characterized as the Shirley Mclain sort of way of thinking.  Of course hers was a very metaphysical realm in the New Age way of thinking from the Old souls that we have become.  New Age Thought has been around from the 1860's.  Dealing with voices in your head on a purely emotional level is something we all do, we all second guess ourselves.  Emotional maturity comes to all of us and we constantly learn new ways to deal with new stresses in our lives, remembering we are setting an example for our children on so many levels so that they can learn from observation of our mistakes and our emotional growth as well.  There certainly nothing wrong with that on any level, it is the way it has been and always will be.  We will forever exceed our parents expectations in bringing forward our children and their children with Love and respect for each other.

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  1. Dear Tusk, Thankyou i feel honored that you have taken such time (and effort it seems!) to have this 'chat' with me...
    You have touched upon one of my main sensitivities... The main one of course being that perhaps i am going quite mad! (Hearing voices in my head and such) ...Something i have just in this past week been actually able to verbalize!
    ...Secretly thinking you are going mad can actually send you down that muddy path unless people (such as yourself) come out from the 'wood work' with their own examples... and then of course you start to realise that the 'monster' is not so scarey and simply a part of being 'human' perhaps... So i am most grateful to you...

    My hope is to be able to sift through these different parts of myself and as i unsurp and define them, to form the whole picture of me... i hope to take the shattered and torn bits to find they are like the jigsaw of myself... i particularly hope this helps in the healing process or in the least gives me some Peace within...
    i still maintain that perhaps the spider's appearance in the shower (Are you psychic?!!) was not co-incidental but comes to serve me a purpose... Will i attempt to drown him? Will i make the effort to release him back outside or will i contemplate that he and i have come together in this moment to teach each other something? i have found myself staring into his myriad of eyes with such thoughts!

    Soo many words in my head, so many disjointed memories and feelings of guilt that i indeed am not a worthy parent... i suspect more so that some Heavenly Grace saw fit to send me my babes to Teach ME... and perhaps that this is the True way of it?

    Thankyou again Tusk... You certainly seem psychic with this conversation... Perhaps it is that ability of yours to tap into the voices within? (((Hugs))) Vicki x