Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sex and the Still Life

Here is a painting I started 17 years ago before I was married, it was a line sketch taken form a gravure from Nicholson's Mathematics. I wear glasses now, I did not then. I wondered how Norman Rockwell wore glasses and achieved a finite line. I'm guessing he didn't wear glasses in his earlier years.  The earlier whites I had painted months ago to see if I would enjoy what I used to dream of only doing with a Frazetta Nude, have yellowed. I hence have repainted the whites with a non yellow Zinc White or Titanium white. The greys are a charcoal Grey so with two colors I am attempting a Monochrome.  I have made tonal mistakes early on and with just two brushes and some mineral oil have managed to get this far.  Whenever I read How To or other Oil and Paint magazines I always wondered what the artists studio looked like, where the light came from how many brushes how much paint.  All I can offer at this time is I scanned this ancient 1800 book and posted the actual size page right and left for reference, I blew up a look on top. I have changed the perspective size of some of the objects as they appeared to be wrong in comparison to the original.  I thought I only did this with portaits changing the size of the head to match the size of an eye keeping all within proportion.  With portraits I would use a grid, with this painting at the time of the original sketch I didn't need a grid as the perspective lent itself to proportions easily enough.

 I am believing that overachieving can be a way of life, and maybe the only way to surviving the onslaught of my mid 50's.  At 53 I am returning to writing and painting and athletics all at once, I don't think I will die of a heart attack but I do think that the positive attitude about accomplishment will see me through to a better life.  I am midstream in my Short Story Fairy Tale, I have begun to find time to pick up the brush and put down the brush with accomplishment. I use to not want to paint because I didn't have 8 Hours straight to do it.  In college I would draw for 8 Hours non stop at a time and enjoy every minute.

This is a large canvas 4 foot wide by 3 foot high, I'm sure by the end I will have learned a great deal in technique.  There are mistakes as I have said in tonal balances in which I am aware and will correct..

The light I use is not placed correctly, my first easel has assuredly turned out to be a dud, in which I will give it to my daughter to be used for her High School Projects.  I can not afford a better easel yet. I recently bought a Lawn Vacuum at an incredible high price, don't tell my wife. The Vacuum allows me to have more time in the Studio because I finish the yard work in 1/5th  the time, what used to take an afternoon and 5 Hours takes barely an hour.

 I still want to add more to my overachieving like not only finishing a short Fairy Tale starting two more of which I have the ideas for begin a collaboration of a multicultural Feature script.  Of which I have two cultures in Mind.

So in answer to Punk Chopsticks questions why do men still go to Strip Clubs because Sex and eating food can both be Orgasmic.  That's Obvious, you can be on a diet and still look at the menu. Salad anyone... or a still life.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Someone asked...

I have worked non-stop from August 29th through to September 30th.  I have worked more than 7 Double shifts and have only the 6th and 7th off. Nine clients and I ahve staffed others at positions I couldn't fill due to existing obligations, allowing me to spread the wealth.

 I have touched Oil to canvas onto a painting I had started over 15 years ago, I have bought an easel for this painting in which I had never owned one prior.  My stroke has returned but my tonal shading is indeterminate at this time.  It will return as well, the magic of Oil is its forgiveness and ability at which corrective action can be taken, At least for me.  On the upside I am making money and can now purchase items to help me with my painting.  As this piece is a monochrome and I have all the paints I need, Various tubes of Zinc White, Non Yellowing White, Charcoal Grey and Blacks.  My Brushes which are sacred to me have been kept in a cup of Mineral Oil and have kept their suppleness and ability to be kept clean. The painting is of a perspective taken from Nicholson's Mathematics from the early 1800's.  I bought large clamps from Staples for about 3dollars and 59 cents to hold the scanned images of the original drafting around this very large canvas for a view of what it is I'm copying.  The plan is to draw in My daughters faces onto the back wall of the perspective.  By the time I finish the shading of the objects, my skill of tonal rendition will have returned.

My Fairy tale that I am writing The Bee and the Wolf has come to a screeching halt.  I was handwriting it, and now I have to Type it, correctly formatted and allow it to be submitted electronically to different agencies.  In all honesty I am reconstructing the conclusion, the words have yet to hit the page.  When so much time has been taken off in between installments, the ability to write tonally as well I fear may be at the mono-linguistic stage, thus my willingness to put this blog out there, to recapture my speaking writing voice.  Hopefully returning to plain and simple with my delivery.

May the wind be with you and always have your back, may the underside of your pants bluster only when your step is light and the fury of humor has taken your side.  When your step is lightened and your need to be reminded that to be incensed by hatred can be forgiven with a woeful smile.

Carry On can mean so many things!!, considering the degree and nature at which this instruction has been given.  This to me begs of the proper use of Grammar and why it is taught. For if we are to read into a situation, that is, put into words a conflict, and then have these words properly understood, the nature in which the persons and persona involved in the unfolding of this story, than Grammar can and needs to only be our guide. Proper Grammar is not the use of well constructed sentences but the sword in which we overcome Ignorance and Prejudice.  Arm yourselves at a young age and the world is at your feet.  Punk you out there,