Tuesday, March 20, 2012


It is the first day of spring, a mysterious fog wandered through the harbor, at Noon from North to South it sauntered.
 By 1 PM, the fog and icy cold breeze lifted.  Mysterious rock formations were found on the Beaches, stacks of rocks pointing to the sky.
As I wrote declaring it was the Spring Witch and that she would return to my facebook friend even more mysteriously the note backspaced the screens back and this beautifully fluid poem meant to impress my facebook readers was wiped clean.  I gave warning that the Spring witch would return, and it had in my note.  So I have high tailed it here to Blogger to scream read me.
 The Magnolias are ready to blossom, the Johnny Jump Ups are bloomed, The rose Bush is baron, nude of any beauty, thorny in its appeal.
 The fish having had babies late last year, June Babies, Summer Babies not spring babies, seem to want to lay their eggs earlier. They are all hovering in the laying fields of the pond.  The children at one inch and most children still all black are hovering about everywhere else. The few that are golden and one is Gold and White can be seen with wonder in their eye not having yet learned of the evil egress or the horny toad willing to swallow them without remorse. This  hovering in the corner could mean one of two things. Everyone of the older siblings is having a go at fertilizing the laid eggs or there is a demon rogue frog at the bottom of the pond scaring the begeezus out of the school, forcing them to take to the high ground.  They are eating the spring pond flake, so that is a good sign.

The temperature today approached 70, yet the mysterious fog and chill was unusual.  It is the 20th of March and the seasons are due to change.  So formal a change is rarely greeted.  As I cut my 150 length Hedges that run the length of my Drive and the front hedges, neighbors stop by and compliment me on how wonderful the yard always look they watch it all year, having to drive by and stop at the stops sign mounted at the mouth of our driveway.  It is unique living at a stops sign,, when you get to your Driveway inevitably someone is blocking your entrance and they are surely mystified with why are you staring at them smiling and turning precariously toward them, then it dawns on them that you live there and you are quietly waiting there departure.  When we first moved in, we thought how wonderful everyone is stopping to look at the house or maybe they are lost, only in reality they are just stopping at the stop sign performing a civic obligation.

When my 100 year old Japanese maple one year turned yellow leaves and fell early from the weather instruction that year I was blessed to see this lush miracle, now every year I wonder if this will be that year when the tree gives up its yellow leaves instead of bronzing them and holding back on letting them drop as it so often does.


  1. Why you're a bit of a nature observer with at least some knowledge of plants. We're alike in that. Do you have indoor plants as well?

  2. None that I tend too .We do genrrally have fresh cut flowers every week in more than two areas of the house.

  3. Tusky, you have a new picture of yourself, but now I can't remember the last one, so I don't know which I like better.

    Cut flowers, eh? Peggy would probably like that, but I am much more interested in foliage than in flowers, although there are certainly many that I love, most notable at the moment are the daffodils.