Monday, May 14, 2012


I would have spelt it with an o, but spell check knows best. In the business I am in, a jibe is taken in good stride. A younger more experienced associate was kidding me about my knowledge of playing the game of soccer.  I had played in High School, College and even on a Italian German Team in my post college days. We had uniforms and a dues and a league with a schedule, practices and families made the trek out to watch their people win or lose.  When I commented what year I played in High School, surprisingly I found out my associate was two at the time I graduated High School.

So what he missed when I was in High School was Race riots in 1973, and the moon landing in 1969. These are all things I grew up enjoying and not enjoying.  I also remember the milkman delivering fresh milk and cottage cheese to the front steps of the house.  I remember Elsie the Cow on the label.  What else he missed during my era was the Pope coming to Boston and Boston streets being completely shut down to any traffic except for Federal Vehicles, the Postal trucks being federally owned still were able to navigate the street and deliver the mails. These were the only vehicles navigating the streets in those days, empty streets but the white postal trucks emblazoned with an Eagle.   In those days in the late 70' in Boston they still had Gas Street lights that lined the streets of the Commonwealth.  A man used to have to go light by light and turn the gas on and light each light at night. He retired in 1979 and the town was converted to electricity. I am talking 1979 people not 1879.  Gas Lights in Boston in the late 70's.  It was Groovy Baby.  We were the Peace and Love Generation.  They were different times, no cell phones, but we did have MTV, when MTV played music.

I could go on and talk about the Franciscan Friars Monastery I grew up adjacent to, a thirty acre estate that we were allowed to do whatever we wanted on and we did, but that is gone and mysteries that revealed themselves to us post monastery are intriguing speculation that make for good books and not blogs.

What small mystery has gone forever that you have lived through that may never bee seen or heard of because some new younger person will never be made aware and carry a truth forward?