Friday, July 10, 2009

Get Here If You Can

This was originally cut on a first generation Avid where only 80% of the screen was used for presentation and it carried with it a lot of large pixilation. But for the ability to modify quickly it was the bomb. I don't no if anyone ever said it was the bomb back in the day of early avid. There was probably a lot of "that is cool". I took most of the footage from about 20 Commercials, and the Vocal is Olita Adams. I wonder if the fun of making commercials is still out there, or if everything is so God awful animated nowadays, the film director art is soon forgotten.


  1. Hey R-- I imagine those people making them these days DO feel they are fun... and that they feel they are on the cutting edge.

    lol about da bomb being more like dat's cool back then. True!

    Happy Thanksgiving and I'm thrilled you're following my blog. I usually post about a large variety of stuff but it's been mostly abotu the 16 differnt squirrels I rehabbed in the last two month (didn't leave time for much else). Will be more varied soon.

  2. Just came back for a visit to see if you'd posted again. Watched this again and it's mesmerizing. Such great images, cut together so well. Great eye for it.